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February 11, 2014

Sorry for the lapse in activity in this blog! I’ve been really busy and I keep forgtting to replenish the queue!

I’m hoping to get back on top of that this week, though!

December 29, 2013


the ones in the dark souls tags are always super tiny here are bigger versions

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December 26, 2013




December 6, 2013
December 5, 2013


Deges Art - Being a Concept Artist

Notice how the video emphasizes walking around and seeing potential in the world and drawing it out. His final product is a result of a ton of contemplation and reference gathering through photos and sketching.

Making an excellent piece is built on a ton of work the viewer doesn’t explicitly see. 

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Ylläshumina Hotel - Akaslompolo, Finland

Tucked away in a quiet location at the foot of Ylläs fell, in the Finnish part of Lapland, Ylläshumina Hotel is the perfect base for those willing to explore the beauties of this winter wonderland. The hotel offers visitors the opportunity to choose between stylishly designed suites, elegant hotel rooms appointed with traditional Lappish sauna and outdoor hot tub, and cozy holiday lodges with rustic interiors, fireplace and lovely views towards the nearby Lake Äkäslompolojärvi. A characterful restaurant dedicated to Finnish cuisine and a truly authentic pub with daily karaoke and ski boot dancing complement the charm of the hotel.


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photo by akshelby

photo by akshelby

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December 4, 2013

Halloween Alphabet: T, crooked trees


Black coyote or possible coydog trapped in GA.